About Hypnotherapy & NLP


Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy which is most effective and delivers a very personal type of therapy.

The most common question I hear is: "Can you make me do something I don’t want to do?" and the simple answer is "NO!!"

You will always be in complete control throughout your session. Sometimes my clients remember everything but, this isn’t always the case. It is perfectly normal and very common to only remember some details or none at all. How much you remember does not attribute a successful or unsuccessful session. In fact I find that the majority of my clients leave feeling totally relaxed, calm and centred, and most often smiling.

Hypnotherapy is used for many types of issues and problems, and it’s based on an understanding of you getting an insight as to what has caused the problem in the first place. I will then, in turn, neutralise your problem by creating a more supportive and positive attitude for you to build upon.

Hypnosis is recognised by the NHS and they recommend it as a safe, very relaxing but, powerful form of therapy.

So let my expert knowledge and skills help you to transform yourself again, by being empowered and getting the very best quality of life possibly can. Why struggle?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

It is our understanding of experiences that determine how we function, rather than the reality. For example, if I were to help someone with a fear of flying, what will have to change? The reality definately cannot change, it’s still the same plane. However, my client’s perception of the reality of the plane will change. It’s our unconscious mind that will create a different perception. Our self-confidence and our actions will determine this, it’s our life’s thoughts that depends on how we use our minds.

NLP is all about personal development. A situation for one person could be very positive, but to someone else it could be very negative. So it’s really all about nurturing our abilities and qualities and taking our negative thoughts and experiences and turning them into positive ones.

And with a structure of therapy and coaching methods, setting goals and achievements, I can change the way you think.