Smoke Cessation – Cigarettes and E Cigarettes

Stop SmokingUsually, a one off session to stop smoking and will help you understand why you are craving a cigarette and will help you overcome the cravings. It will also help you to be able to identify your own resources and use them to continue to succeed in being a NON-Smoker. You will finally be in control as well as feeling calm and confident.

Smoking is an emotionally driven habit and I will help you reverse the decision and have the power to say no!

The normal approach to smoking cessation is for someone to ask you to pick a date, and then throw your cigarettes away … easy … or is it? If only it was that easy and if it was wouldn’t you have done it already? One of the main contributors of failing to STOP SMOKING is not being quite ready to stop so, you will probable relapse in a week or two. It’s important to makes sure you are 100% ready to completely stop before we start this treatment.

Likewise E Cigarettes have come into play but we have no hard evidence yet that these are safe and there will be no long term damage in the years to come. Society has found that E Cigarettes have become even more popular but just like a traditional Cigarette, as a nation, we are now becoming hooked on these also.

My Smoking Cessation session will also cover E cigarettes, so if you have found you have managed to stop smoking but then became addicted to these instead, I can also help you..

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Phobias and Fears

Fear & PhobiasThe majority of Phobias and Fears have started with a negative feeling in the past which has manifested into a fear or a phobia. We are only born with two fears, loud noise and falling, so all the rest we have created in our mind, mostly from our experiences.

For example, we aren’t all afraid of stairs; so there must have been something which happened directly or indirectly, maybe through observation, which has made you feel and register you brain that stairs are a threat. Unfortunately once we have registered this, our brain looks for any possible negative information or experience that confirms that ‘stairs are dangerous’ and a threat to us, hence our brain then encourages us to avoid them for our own safety.

Hypnotherapy is very effective and will easily help you overcome these fear and phobias by simply removing all the negative emotions. So your existing template will diminish and your unconscious mind will allow a new positive template to take its place.

This type of treatment is particularly good for flying, spiders, public speaking, dogs, heights… the list is endless.

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