OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCDDo you find yourself repeatedly checking things or repeatedly worrying about your health or your loved ones?

Do you follow a certain routine or behavior each time you do anything over and over again?

Do you feel the need to count everyday things and find yourself becoming anxious and stressed if the number isn’t right each time?

If you are answering yes to some or all of the above questions, then these are signs of OCD, which are actions carried out as a result of intrusive unwanted thoughts.

But don’t worry as Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you understand how these behaviors and thoughts have been created and I can work with you using techniques to take control of your thoughts and focus on the positive things in your day to day life.

I will help you regain calmness and enable you to relax and cope with life’s events.

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Erythrophobia - Fear of Blushing

Fear of BlushingHave you ever found that you Blush when you’re at a social event or when your anxiety is high?

Many of my clients have this problem, which creates havoc with their normal social life and situations.

What can make it worse is when a colleague, family member, friend or even stranger points it out and not only just to you - but everybody!! It just makes you feel even worse, making you blush more intensely. This will add to the effect of setting up a recursive anxiety, and can only deepen the blush even more.

I have found that disovering the route of the problem can help immensely so using my NLP skills followed by some Hypnotherapy I can help you take control of your blushing.

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