Weight Management & Gastric Band Treatment

Weight ManagementI will help you to change the way you feel about food, and how you can relate to it. I find that most of my clients eat around their emotion, and use food as a way of rationalising their thoughts and feelings which leads to over eating.

The unconscious mind will always win here, because it’s the most powerful part of your brain. I would work with your unconscious mind to help you be more aware of what you’re eating. Food is mostly used as a coping mechanism, most of my clients use this to try and fill the emotional gap within themselves. Unfortunately, it doesn’t suppress the emotion and they end up feeling worse and very guilty. By dealing with you emotions first will help both of us understand the level of the feeling as well as finding a way to deal with it.

We will both have to work at this as it’s not a miracle cure and there will be some homework for you to do in-between sessions however, this will only cement the result you get along the way to reaching that final goal.

Can you imagine healing that crippling feeling once and for all? Finding that vital key to moving on and having a healthy weight, and finally being in control of you and the body you deserve.

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IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBSThe amount of people who have IBS now would absolutely amaze you! According to the NHS 1 in 5 of us will develop IBS at some time in our lives, which is staggering. Symptoms include, cramps and abdominal pains, diarrhoea or constipation, bloating just to name a few.

Your GP and Comsultant will rule out food allergies, digestive problems or any other reason you might be experiencing problems, various tests will be done to confirm IBS. Once you have your diagnosis research has found that stress and anxiety can exacerbate the symptoms of IBS. So think back to your stomach churning when you feel nervous and how those thoughts can make you feel physically ill.

Hypnotherapy helps deal with the emotions of day to day living, preventing a build-up of stress that can trigger one of these awful episodes of IBS.

So I would use Hypnosis to change your unconscious minds attitude towards your symptoms, which can have some excellent and long lasting results.

If you have a moment take a look at for some more information IBS.

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