Anxiety & Panic attacks

Anxiety & PanicAnxiety and Panic attacks make us feel we are in danger and something is wrong. Anxiety is purely all our emotions making us have scary and negative thoughts, our minds working overtime, when really the thoughts and scares are just complete fantasy and nonsense, but of course they do feel very real during the episode and after.

I can help you learn how to overcome these beliefs and change them into positive thoughts and get rid of them completely. A lot of anxieties are learnt from childhood i.e. Mum was scared of spiders so you are. So by watching and copying her you automatically feel the same way, you will become hot, your heart will race, palms become sweaty and you just want to run and hide.

These anxieties are merely self-limiting beliefs and usually, I can pinpoint when first occurred, which I will then build on with various NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques to help you overcome these attacks. It’s true that specific triggers can leave you feeling anxious and scared, even though the reality is that you are extremely safe.

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Self Esteem & Confidence Building

Confidence & SuccessSelf Esteem is all about expressing yourself and feeling good about you. However, sometimes we don’t always feel that we have high self esteem, you may feel limited in what you can do and generally feel down on yourself. Maybe because something traumatic has happened or something very subtle has changed in your life and you are now doubting your worth and abilities.

With the use of Hypnotherapy and NLP my goal will be to help you reconnect with your inner being and change these negative beliefs into happier healthier ones.

This will enable you to have your full higher self-esteem and confidence back, not only again, but better and more improved. How good would that feel?

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