TinitusClients of mine troubled by Tinnitus suffer with noises described as buzzing, clicking, ringing and whistling, sometime in both ears but more often in just the one.

You may find that the noise is constant or it may come and go, which ever it is it certainly is life consuming and very uncomfortable.

There can be many causes of Tinnitus but the main thing is getting it treated and having your quality of life back.

We would set an achievable goal together and desensitise the sound to make you more comfortable, followed by giving you some self-hypnosis to do.

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Hypnosis in Sport Performance

Sports PerformanceI will work with you to regain your positive mental attitude to your sport and of course yourself.

We will look at your performance and any rituals you may have used in the past and take your training schedule in to consideration also. We will look at your life surrounding the sport and see what we could do to alleviate some of the stress.

I will be looking to help you enhance your mental preparation as a sportsperson and look at some of your best performances.

With a culmination of all of these points we should have a good plan for you to move forward both physically and mentally.

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