Testimonials & Recommendations

Anxiety, speech issues and extreme low self esteem Therapy

Anxiety TherapyI recommended a family member to visit Dee as the person suffers with severe anxiety, speech issues and extreme low self esteem.

He has always been sceptical of doing anything like this as he was unsure of how it will make hom feel both during and after.

He went along with a little persuasion and on meeting Dee I could see he was instantly relaxed and comfortable in her company.

Dee is the most happy, pleasant and chilled out person I know and this resonates off her and in turn makes others feel relaxed and trusted in her company.

Once the session was finished I noticed he was tired looking but relaxed at the same time. Since the session his speech is better and he is doing the daily practices she advised to help him.

He said he was made to feel comfortable and that he 'mattered' and wasn't just a client, he was an individual with a need that Dee wanted to help him with.

He is looking forward to hopefully working towards a more brighter future with Dee's guidance.

Mrs V. 2016

Weight Management Therapy

Weight ManagementI wanted to write a few words about my experience as I never normally do reviews, but I have had such remarkable changes that I felt I had to share my news.

I have been going to Dee over a period of a couple of months to help me with my weight issues, I'm now a stone + 2lb lighter. But it's not even that that so surprising it's the fact I think so differently around food now.

I'm not going to say it's easy as Dee sets 'homework' as she calls it, and there are times you can't be bothered but I gave it my best shot and the results are paying off.

It's so refreshing to finally find someone who gets me and really wants to help!

Tracey Aug 2016

Smoking Cessation Therapy

Stop SmokingThank you Dee for all your help and trust!!

I have tried many times to kick my smoking habit and never before been able to succeed. This time I can honestly say I'm a NON SMOKER!!

Amazing after 25yrs, I'm finally free, I'd never have believed it!

Mr C. 2016

Pain Management Therapy

Pain Relief TherapyDee has given me 4 sessions of hypnotherapy for my pain management, after suffering many years with pain I am now able to control it better when I get severe bouts of pain.

I am also doing the self hypnosis Dee taught me once or twice a week now or more if the pain gets worse.

Can't not express or thank you enough for all the help you have given me and the support through these dark times!

I would 100% recommend you, your Clinic, your kindness and your understanding.

Mrs F. 2016

Phobia Therapy

Phobias & FearI recently received therapy from Dee Hanley for my wasp phobia that I had experienced since early childhood.

After only two sessions my anxiety has diminished so much to the point that I was able to put my hand next to a wasp to remove it from my home - a feat which three months ago was inconceivable to me.

I would highly recommend Dee Hanley in helping to overcome phobias and her expertise has been invaluable to me.

Mrs. W. June 2016

Anxiety and Stress Therapy

Anxiety TherapyI visited Dee for my stress and anxiety which was taking over my life.

After a few sessions I now feel in control and able to cope with life's stresses.

I highly recommend Dee as she put me at ease and helped me view my issues and future differently. Thank you Dee.

Mrs W. 2016